Amaraxe Ecoglamping

Porto do Son, Spain
  • Forest
  • Rural
  • Sea
  • Safari tents
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    € 175,-

    per night
    Located in a 7000 square meter (1.75 acre) estate that flows into the sea in a beautiful cove, in the shade of pines, oaks and chestnut trees, Amaraxe is a magical place that transports you directly to that space of calm and well-being that we all seek.
    An enveloping and cozy space where you can spend quality time in contact with nature, Amaraxe Ecoglamping is located in the southeastern part of the estuary of Muros and Noia sheltered by the Barbanza mountain range and only 40 km. (25 miles) from Santiago de Compostela.
    The architecture seeks to integrate everything into the forest, minimizing the visual impact and inviting meditation. Designed for an immersive experience, our 10 tents have a king size bed, two Acapulco chairs and a table for having breakfast on 35 sq. meter wooden platforms located on the slopes of Mount Batuda overlooking the estuary of Muros and Noia with direct access to the beach. On both sides, Monte Louro and Creba Island frame a spectacular sunset from this room in nature submerged between the forest and the Atlantic Ocean that stretches behind the mouth of the bay. Each tent has its own associated bathroom cabin crowned with a skylight where you can shower under the stars. The materials used, wood, stone and clay, with textures and colors typical of nature, invite relaxation and every detail seeks a complete sensory experience.
    The infinity-style wooden pool is surrounded by a garden of aromatic herbs that release their essential oils at sunset, enveloping the wooden platform with scents that will make you lose your sense of time and lead you to experience the calming effect of lemon verbena and lavender. A few meters down the slope and by the seaside, a yoga platform will allow you to experience an inmersive and relaxing time to start your morning before a hearty and tasty breakfast in your own tent or deck with fresh local products.
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