Den Hoorn Texel, The Netherlands
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    Acceptance period discount Glamping Card 01/06-06/06 • 28/08-09/10

    -Whatever the weather –
    Staying in one of our yurt on the Island Texel is a pure experience, whatever the weather.
    It is the perfect way to relax. A yurt holiday is a choice for an experience, an adventure and the feeling of being part of something special…whether it’s for a weekend or midweek break, a week or a longer holiday.
    Our authentic Texel-Yurts are a nomadic form of accommodation which, due to their construction and character, invite us to get back to basics and experience the simplicity of life. The Mongolian word for yurt is ‘Ger’, meaning house or home. An appropriate name for these tents.
    Being together in a round space has an profound effect on people. We know this from experience and our guests also describe this feeling.
    Thanks to the thick layer of felt insulation, the yurt remains lovely and cool in the spring and summer and warm in the autumn.
    All of our yurts have plenty of character and are fully equipped with honest, good quality materials. The Texel-Yurts breathe an ambiance of security and peace, with a clear layout and optimal functionality. The wood burning stove with oven keeps the yurt warm and makes ‘real’ cooking possible.
    The sanitary facilities are of exceptional quality and are situated 50 metres from the yurt terrain.

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