Landrijk de reesprong

Haaksbergen, The Netherlands
  • Forest
  • Rural
  • Safari tents
  • Enjoy both luxury and farm life
    Landrijk de Reesprong is located in woody Twente, near the German border. On Herald and Bonita’s farm, luxury safari tents, farm lodges and a hot tub are waiting for you in the middle of the meadows with cows all around you! Here you will experience pure farm life, while enjoying peace and quiet, space and the surrounding nature.
    You can also book fun packages and rent bicycles. How about a campfire package, farmer’s soup package for over the campfire or a pancake package? Oh, I forgot to get a farmer’s diploma, pick wild flowers, build cabins, go-kart riding and play in the straw hut or indoors…. Whatever you’re going to do, enjoyment is guaranteed and an experience. The best family holiday!


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